2019 Volunteer of the Year Recepients

Youth Category: Alex Lane (PTI), Dylan Shore (MPA), Kaelin Wade (CTC), Kane Welsh (AT), Kyla Murrie (NSPA), Molly Griffiths (HMT), Spencer Earwaker (NSMT)

Open Category: Alison Parson (CMTS), Corey McGregor-MacDonald (NSMT), Dale Smith (HMT), Dave Parker (PTC), Debbie Hogan (CTC), Jo Curtis (AT), Marie Parker (PTC), Noelene Jones (AMT), Pauline Vella (PTI), Rob Keary (PPA), Sharon Beard (NSPA), Troy Hart (MPA)

2018 Volunteer of the Year Recepients

Youth Category: Craig Wilkinson (PTI), Patrick Cunneen (NSMT), Carlin Lee (PPA), Paige Tyson (MnM), Ashleigh King (HMT), Sam Czepanski (PTC)

Open Category: Ian Page (WTC), Kris Anthony (CMTS), Kate Smeal (PTI), Paul Davey (NSMT), Hayley Va'a (PPA), Helen Chessum (MPA), Michael Demchy (HMT), Lara Wyatt (PTC), David Mackie (AMT), Scott Thomas (AT)

2017 Volunteer of the Year Recepients

Youth Category: Emily-Jane Cull (P&P), George Keenan (CTC), James Grant (PTI), Louise Parker (PTC)

Open Category: Colin Franks (HMT), John Fausett (AMT), Marjorie Bowdler (WTC), Neil Grant (PTI), Nicola Carrigan (P&P), Robyn Daniels (NSMT), Ruth Cranwell (MPA), Sarah Searle (CTC), Sarah Steele (CMTS), Shady Lane (PPA), Susan Andisen (PTC)


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