The calendar year for judging runs from January to the end of November. Participating societies nominate which productions they would like judged throughout the year. Each show is independently viewed and judged by the judges using the same criteria. A report is submitted to the convenor after every show.

The panel meets in early December to identify a list of final nominees, who are announced at a separate event hosted by one of the musical societies. The judges then meet again to vote on the winners of each category with the final results announced at the awards evening.

How the judging works
Each of the judges must see a show once in their capacity as a NAPTA judge - where ever possible avoiding both opening and closing performances. Judges are free to attend shows again, but judging occurs only on the first viewed performance.

The Judges independently complete an assessment of each Award category for a show. Each category is rated on its own merits. Comments are also recorded for each category. The forms are collected and held by the convenor.

Click here to view the current Judging Criteria... (PDF)

On completion of the judging year, the convenor will tally the scores and nominees are generally found using these scores. A maximum of 5 nominations in each category is the guideline.

The final decision
On completion of the nomination process the final decision process then takes place. The judges are presented with the collated comments of all nominees for each Award category.

An open discussion is then entered into followed by a secret ballot. After 4 - 5 categories the convenor and adjudicator will collate scores. If a minimum of three judges have voted for one nominee they become the NAPTA recipient. If a recipient is not found then further discussions take place & another ballot is taken until a recipient is found.

The convenor is the only person who knows who the recipients are. They then collate the recipients in readiness for the NAPTA Awards evening.

2024 Season Judges

  • Craig Rodgers

  • Craig has been involved in the Auckland theatrical scene for almost 20 years now. On stage he has performed in over 30 shows in lead, cameo and ensemble roles for both amateur and pro-amateur productions, previously being NAPTA nominated twice for best leading male in a musical. Back stage, he has directed two shows, performed the role of production manager for several productions and has occasionally picked up a hammer to help build a set.

    Craig also served for 10 years on the Auckland Music Theatre committee in the roles of secretary and vice chair. After a sojourn from theatre to pursue a career in international travel, Craig is delighted to be returning to the scene.

  • Donna Rae

  • I am grateful to have been part of the Auckland Amateur Theatre Community for the past 8 years where I have headed Hair and Makeup Teams and Costume Designed for numerous productions and companies. I also made my way back on stage in 2021 as part of the cast of AMT’s The Laramie Project. I am so thrilled to be able to see the talent that this community has to offer and can't wait to see you all shine.

  • Glenda Pearce

  • Glenda works full-time professionally in a range of areas in performance. She is a writer, reviewer, actor, national adjudicator in speech and drama, and self-employed director/tutor with an established business in performance and dynamic speaking skills. She has directed a considerable number of school and community productions.

    Glenda was employed for a decade by the Ministry of Education and NZQA in teacher education and assessment. She facilitates workshops throughout the country, with a speciality in Shakespearean text. She was fortunate to study at The Globe in London in 2018. Glenda has been the recipient of several national awards and scholarships in education and drama.

  • Patricia Bell

  • Patricia has been involved in Auckland theatre for over 20 years, playing a number of lead, supporting, and ensemble roles in amateur and pro-am productions. She has been nominated several times for a NAPTA and has won the Best Leading Actress in a Musical award. Backstage, she has experience in stage managing, sound and lighting, and make-up and wardrobe.

    She has trained in classical vocal performance and modern musical theatre, and has sung professionally here and overseas. She has appeared in television commercials and is a voiceover artist for radio, as well as a book and theatre reviewer and a mentor and vocal coach for Geronimo Performing Arts school.

  • Leon Reynolds

  • Leon is a flautist, conductor, music director, and teacher, who is passionate about the performing arts and their ability to bring people together. He holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Auckland specialising in performance research, and as a has collaborated with groups including the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Royal New Zealand Ballet, New Zealand Opera, and the Royal New Zealand Navy Band.

    Leon is also a dedicated teacher; he works as a mentor with the Auckland Philharmonia Connecting and Partnership in Schools programmes, as an itinerant music tutor in Auckland schools, and is director of the Epsom Girls Grammar Concert Band. He also loves getting involved in community musical theatre, and since 2015 has participated in productions across Auckland as a performer and music director.

  • Rhonda Daverne and Chris Rogers - Convenor

  • Rhonda is recognized as a leading director and choreographer in community based theatre throughout Auckland and NZ. Her career spans 4 decades with more than 35 musical theatre shows to her credit. She has been involved with the Napta organisation since its inception, directing the awards night entertainment 3 times as well as being a judge, a presenter and convener of judges. Rhonda was awarded a Civic Honor from the Auckland Council for her contribution to community theatre and was a recipient of a Merit Award from Musical Theatre NZ for outstanding and continued service. Rhonda is married to Chris Rogers and is delighted to be sharing the role of convener with him in 2024.

    Chris' association with musical theatre began back in 1979. Since then he has been involved in more than 30 different productions. He has been an on stage performer, backing vocalist, lighting operator, set builder, props manager and stage director. Chris’ extensive musical background also includes choir work, classical guitar and piano along with performing on bass guitar in a band. Chris has been a judge previously for the Naptas and is looking forward to working alongside his wife Rhonda as a convener in 2024.

Selection of Judges
Judges are appointed by the NAPTA Trust for a maximum period of two consecutive years. Participating societies are called upon to nominate suitable members to fill the 5 annual judging roles.

If you are interested in becoming a NAPTA Judge, or would like to nominate someone, please contact us.


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