The calendar year for judging runs from January to the end of November. Participating societies nominate which productions they would like judged throughout the year. Each show is independently viewed and judged by the judges using the same criteria. A report is submitted to the convenor after every show.

The panel meets in early December to identify a list of final nominees, who are announced at a separate event hosted by one of the musical societies. The judges then meet again to vote on the winners of each category with the final results announced at the awards evening.

How the judging works
Each of the judges must see a show once in their capacity as a NAPTA judge - where ever possible avoiding both opening and closing performances. Judges are free to attend shows again, but judging occurs only on the first viewed performance.

The Judges independently complete an assessment of each Award category for a show. Each category is rated on its own merits. Comments are also recorded for each category. The forms are collected and held by the convenor.

Click here to view the 2017 Judging Criteria Guidelines... (PDF)

On completion of the judging year, the convenor will tally the scores and nominees are generally found using these scores. A maximum of 5 nominations in each category is the guideline.

The final decision
On completion of the nomination process the final decision process then takes place. The judges are presented with the collated comments of all nominees for each Award category.

An open discussion is then entered into followed by a secret ballot. After 4 - 5 categories the convenor and adjudicator will collate scores. If a minimum of three judges have voted for one nominee they become the NAPTA recipient. If a recipient is not found then further discussions take place & another ballot is taken until a recipient is found.

The convenor is the only person who knows who the recipients are. They then collate the recipients in readiness for the NAPTA Awards evening.

2019 Season Judges

  • Geoff Hughes

  • Geoffrey made his stage debut in Auckland when he was 14 and since then he has been on the stage, back stage or producing shows. He has written and directed 3 pantomimes, stage managed 2 live to air concerts, owned and managed an entertainment company for 12 years (which toured NZ 8 times a year), freelanced professionally for 10 years and graduated with a music degree from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

    He has appeared professionally in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand in productions and in concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra & the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • Bob Lack

  • Bob claims he got his first part (Joseph) through having the loudest voice in the school. Sidney Holland was Prime Minister at the time. Since then he (Bob, that is, not Sid) has filled just about every role in theatre, from toilet cleaner to romantic lead. Though the latter was a long time ago.

    Normally active in the South Auckland societies, Bob has NAPTA awards for play direction and set design.

  • Campbell Stodart

  • Campbell has been involved in the world of Theatre for 10 years starting off with AMT as HOD Costume for La Cage Aux Folles in 2009, winning a NAPTA for his work.

    This led to a varied journey in Professional Theatre working on such International shows as Starlight Express, Coronation Street, Mary Poppins, Jersey Boys, Wicked, Thriller Live and Sound of Music, Priscilla The Musical and Singin’ In The Rain through NZ, Singapore, Manila and Hong Kong.

    As a huge contrast to Musical Theatre, Campbell worked on Spartacus and Legend of the Seeker in a very large Costume Team, both in the work room and on Set.

    He holds a Batchelor of Music from Otago University majoring in Voice and has studied Violin and Piano.

  • Rosalie Mayo

  • A previous NAPTA judge Rosalie has been involved in theatre since 1990 and over the years has performed both in musicals and plays, been involved with costumes, Props design, front of house at various theatre groups and also has several NAPTA nominations. Most recently she was Production Manager for 2 shows as well as being a Committee member and Secretary of Centrestage Theatre and project-managing the refurbishment of the auditorium.

  • Debbie Penney

  • Debbie has been involved in Musical Theatre since the late 80’s and performed in musicals throughout New Zealand, Australia, and Asia. She originally studied singing with the late Beatrice Webster and under her guidance went on to study Theatre Performance at Auckland University.

    Debbie has played nearly every role in the long running Australian production of Menopause the Musical and more recently toured New Zealand with a local production of the show. She also performed in the controversial show “Jerry Springer the Opera” at the Sydney Opera House and has represented New Zealand in Japan in the Asian, Pacific Expo.

    An experienced teacher, Debbie has had responsibility for training choirs, writing, directing and producing school productions and co-ordinating schools for choral events, so she is no stranger to what goes on behind the scenes to make a production come to life.

  • Deborah Simmons - Convenor

Selection of Judges
Judges are appointed by the NAPTA Trust for a maximum period of two consecutive years. Participating societies are called upon to nominate suitable members to fill the 5 annual judging roles.

If you are interested in becoming a NAPTA Judge, or would like to nominate someone, please contact us.


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